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Calm and sunny, the neutral palette this bedroom evokes an airy and effortlessly spacious feel. The muted tone continues with the fabric choices of the basic twin Yuriko beds, sticking to whites and creams, an ideal choice for young adults. The plump cushions offer a much-needed pop of color and echo the mustard notes of the stylishly compact Clara nightstand.
Cozy and warm, the bare walls of this bedroom contrast the subtle prints and deep browns, making it an intimate space. The Sera king size bed anchors the contemporary room with a matching pair of Herta side tables that are ideal for twin bedside lamps, and other knick-knacks. Tying it all together, is the Iksha TV unit that echoes the rich woody tones of the wardrobes and dresser, and helps center the TV.
This perfectly pulled together space enjoys the clean lines of the Eleanor table and Grafton chairs against a mint green backdrop. The stark black and white prints complemented by the metallic crockery unit and fan usher in some visual energy. The sheer curtains and leaf-patterned drapes embolden the hue of the accent wall, keeping things fresh and simple.  
 Eleanor table and Grafton chairs
Adding a dramatic backdrop, the rich blue wall enhances the contemporary essence of this charming dining room. Furniture as fine as the Tarang dining table is characterized by the accompanying Tulya chairs. Together, they effortlessly exude a moody sophistication. A staple in most dining areas, the clean silhouette of the Paulomi sideboard justifies its addition.

 dining room


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Even myself, as an adult, find myself envious of this uniquely built attic bunk bed. I imagine children would have a blast sleeping, playing, and studying in this attic or loft  creation! Click here to hire a designer

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