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The master bedroom features a silk-and-wool area rug from Weitzner’s collection for Endless Knot.
 A view of the living/dining area, outfitted with a Ted Abramczyk Bunny chandelier and an antique French piano that previously belonged to Weitzner’s grandmother.
Living room
IKEA storage units gang together to create an open shoe display in the daughter’s bedroom

Children room
Fabric-covered partitions section the open plan.

Living area

Living area


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The building had to align with vaastu norms and yet be modern in appeal. The architectural vocabulary effortlessly integrates the principles of modernism with traditional responses to a particular, local geography and climate.

Bunk bed built for kids in attic of home

Kids enjoy having unique areas to play in or even a small area to call “home”.  A modified bunk bed custom-built in the attic/loft of this contemporary home would be the envy of any child, while still serving a functional secondary purpose via storage space for books, games, and other items. In lieu of a bottom bed of the bunk, a play area instead occupies this space and gives the child offers plenty of open space for creative fun. The bunk bed’s ladder splits the open space into two separate areas. One side is meant for fun while the other is meant for doing homework and keeping up with his or her studies.

Even myself, as an adult, find myself envious of this uniquely built attic bunk bed. I imagine children would have a blast sleeping, playing, and studying in this attic or loft  creation! Click here to hire a designer

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